How To Increase Your Bottom Line With These Article Marketing Methods

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Even though article marketing is not hard, so many (most) who have tried it have not done well with it. Yes, most people who do it have a hard time and maybe stop trying, but you can find very many marketers who are still making six figures a year with it. You are able to do quite well with writing articles because there is a never ending demand for high quality content.

So to that end and your success we gladly share the following article marketing tips that will help you in your quest.  You can write about any topic, like saline nasal spray.

It is true, and has been for a long time, that when you create articles you will submit them to popular article directories for publication. There are literally tons of article directories of all shapes and sizes, and you can publish articles in these directories to promote your sites. There are two in particular, GoArticles and Ezinearticles that are extremely popular because they are powerful directories. Instead, spend some time and submit your articles by hand. This will allow you to target even those directories that are niche specific. We would discourage you from using software to do this because each directory is different and you can miss important steps. After you have all your accounts in place, then you can take care of business much smoother from there on out.

When you have written your articles, be sure to consider submitting to other sites besides the standard article directories. There are many blogs that accept guest posts from various authors. Once you find guest writing sites, then you will see that they each have their own set of rules and procedures for submitting content. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement in which there is an exchange of free content for traffic plus a backlink. If you are able to guest blog/write for the right sites, then it is exactly like having an article syndicated and can be powerful. The backlink can be high in page rank, and the targeted traffic you stand to receive it terrific. There is nothing wrong with asking as many sites as possible if you can become a guest blogger/writer. Even if you are an unknown in your niche, go ahead and ask them about it.  Newborn constipation is another good niche.

Cross and interlinking articles across different directories, or the same one, can be powerful if you pick and choose carefully the articles you want to link together. What you will do is refer to another article and use it as an additional resource for the benefit of the reader. Also be careful about trying to use those long and nasty affiliate links in articles, just about all article directories now frown on this.

There is no reason why you should not use this technique because it is all right to use according to many directories, plus it adds SEO value.

The only way to really succeed with article marketing is to learn more and then write. You simply must be willing to learn how to best use article marketing if you ever hope to gain from it. Over the course of reasonable time, you will come to realize the great value of article marketing.

You have to keep track of what is going on no matter what, so other than that just keep writing as much as you can. Sit down and create a list of daily goals and more, and then be sure to be dedicated to it. For example, if you plan to write 5 articles every day and submit them to directories then make sure you do that.


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