Monday, December 18

Tips On How To Realize Your Dreams

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What I think a lot of people assume is that when you want to “realize your 
dreams” you have to completely turn your life on it’s head, quit everything you 
do (job, family, kids) and move in to a one bedroom apartment with a desk and a 
computer being the only furniture other than a lounge to sleep on…… or at least 
it feels like that. 

But exactly what is your dream about, fact or 
fantasy. So lets look at the points to consider: 

1. How long you will 
need to try and realize your dreams 

2. The amount of lost wages during 
that time vs quitting for the pursuit 

3. The cost of living during that 

4. The cost of starting for your online presence 

If it 
doesn’t turn out to be a huge loss for you then it may just be easier than you 
first thought. For example, say you have long-service due and need a few months 
to see if your idea will work or not, how much could that possibly cost? A few 
thousand dollars? $10k at the most? Put it this way, what are you prepared to do 
in order to realize your dreams? 

Have you ever sat down and thought of 
it this way… of course I have you say, “it’s just that I have my mortgage and 
Timmy has piano lessons that are expensive and Margie wants to take that trip in 
October and…” psst..WRONG! 

Self Doubt Wont Let You Realize Your Dreams 

Self-doubt can lock you up in the same spot for years and lead to 
complete inactivity almost without you knowing at times. Believe me I know from 
experience. What happens is that you consciously want to complete or execute a 
task, say “Get in Shape” or “Start a new Business”, but the self-doubt you have 
is harbored down in your sub-conscious, keeping your legs from going anywhere. 
So all your day ends up looking like is: 

* I want to start my own 

* Oh it will never work, I don’t know what it takes 

I could just check out the library and read up on it 

* Yea right, and 
then what, blow through all your savings and be poor? 

* My parents might 
lend me money 

* Great and then you’ll be in debt your whole life, idiot 

* I guess I should just hope for that promotion at work… 

* Good, 
that sounds safe 

And next thing you know, it’s been 5 years, you are 
fatter than ever and the process you need to try and realize your dreams has 
gathered dust. Believe me again when I say….ahh let’s not go there. So you have 
nothing to show for your time either at your company (somebody else got the 
promotion, or it was a hell of a lot less interesting than you thought) and a 
nightmare has replaced the dream. You are completely frozen in place and don’t 
know why… it’s this elusive “locked up” feeling, like a engine freezing up on 
you with no oil… that my friend is what chronic self-doubt feels like. 

Take Action If You Want To Realize Your Dreams 

What I’m getting 
at is you need to oil the gears and unlock the chain get on your bike again and 
move yourself to action… any action, just some action. Even if that means 
“forget about starting your business, just check a damn business book out from 
the library”. Turn every insurmountable task into micro-tasks, things that are 
easy to complete, until you turn around 5 years down the road and… holy hell… 
you actually ended up starting your own business without realizing it because 
you completed so many micro-tasks, there was just a natural progression between 
Point A (complete lockup) and Point B (beginning to realize your dreams). 

I can’t impress this upon you enough, so I’m going to call this out 
explicitly for anyone that just self-doubted themselves while reading this 
paragraph on self-doubt: 

The only way to combat chronic self-doubt, is 
action, ANY action is better than non-action is it not? 

Don’t read that 
last sentence and think “Yeah yeah, but I can’t start my own company tomorrow”. 
I didn’t write that, that’s your self-doubt kicking in and making this task seem 
impossible, even before you tried to do anything at all. 

Just complete 
some micro-ass task related to what your eventual goal is… hell, buy a domain 
name, that’s like $7 at iPage. Then setup a blog with WordPress, and learn to 
use it. It’s free to install and use.… then a month later, join a team of 
mentors that are willing to help you at no cost. You’ll find free training like 
I offer in many many other places. 

To Conclude 

So there’s your 
call to action right there, right now. In fact you can start that training today 
and see just what it takes to take that first step. I promise you that after a 
week of my free training course, if not less, you will have all the tools you 
need to decide what your next move is going to be. See these are all completely 
easy-to-do micro-tasks that you cannot excuse yourself out of doing, but they 
are all forcing you to walk closer towards your goal. And it’s spread out over 
months, so in years you will most likely have your business and it will be a 
hell of a lot easier than you thought. You can begin to realize your dreams 


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