Market A Cash Gifting Program Using Articles

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Article marketing can be a long term traffic driver. The benefits of using articles as a marketing tool are many: You can establish yourself as an authority in your niche, gain a high rank in search engine results, and provide back-links to your splash page.

The primary advantage of using articles to market a cash gifting program is high placement in the search engines. Ezine publishers like goarticles, buzzle, bukisa, and articledashboard show up on google’s first page quite frequently. The more quality articles you write, the better chance you have on landing on the first page. 

Follow these steps to effectively market a cash gifting program using articles:


Everyone has heard it time and time again…  Cash gifting is better than anything else out there, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!  Although I agree, most people don’t want all the smoke and mirrors, but rather a real person who can show them how to be successful in gifting.  Waking up and having $500-$1500 daily in my paypal account without having to sell anything is not a bad situation. The point is to show people how they can do it, too. A running advertisement pretending to be an article is not attractive to most people. Content creation is the goal.

Explain thoroughly the concept of cash gifting. Describe how it can be marketed effectively on any budget.(Make sure to list both online and offline methods) Tell the reader what a cash gifting program can offer them.  It takes time and effort to become good at this but presenting the facts in an entertaining manner grab the attention and keep it.

Spread the Wealth

I’ve published cash gifting articles on articledashboard, goarticles, free press release, etc…

Don’t become dependent on any one publisher. Submit each successive article to a different ezines.

Be Productive

Try to publish a few articles daily or weekly. Expand your presence. With time you can churn a 300 to 500 word article out in 20 minutes. Article writing is simple as you get the hang of it. Think of it this way: it’s talking through the written word.  You can also hire people to write quality articles for you if you are not a great writer. 

You Lose When You Force it

There are days you won’t feel like writing. No sense in fighting the flow, because you write your best when you are inspired. If you never feel inspired it might be time to work on your vision.  What do you most want to accomplish in life? What are your goals? Seeing the end result clearly allows your acts to come from a place of faith instead of force.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Writing

I’ve never been a good writer, and I was initially scared to write.  I was afraid because now my writing would be seen by millions of people online. Keep your chin up, and have confidence in your abilities. Pick a specific topic. Let’s say “How to Market Cash Gifting.” List 3 or 4 subtopics: twitter, blogs, facebook, and articles. Briefly discuss how each strategy can be effectively used to generate cash from home. Don’t hesitate to use my blog or e-books as resources. Just put your own spin on my existing work. Think order. Pick topic, subtopic, etc. Sometimes you can freestyle an article but it’s best to write an outline before churning it out. Practice makes perfect! Over time you will improve if you are writing on a daily basis.

Now you see it, Now You Don’t

Rotate your blog posts to ezine publishers occasionally. Don’t duplicate because search engines penalize you for this behavior. There’s enough spam on the web as is. Every few months I might shift a bunch of cash gifting blog posts to an ezine publisher. Usually I edit the post before submitting.  To make them unique, I change the resource box or title. Continue to write new content while using this strategy.  Don’t depend solely on switching articles because you will become stale in your writing skills. People who follow your work will notice and lose interest.

Toy Around with Your Writing Style

Over time you find your own unique writing style. I personally add a little humor, a little sarcasm, and focus on the facts. Don’t hesitate to express yourself in your articles. A sincere and genuine person is more easily trusted than someone who’s posing. It’s OK to be a showman if your show is backed up with facts. Have fun writing your cash gifting articles, and aim to educate people about this little known work at home activity. It’s interesting to see how my writing style has evolved over time.

Be Persistent

Persistence breeds proficiency. Practice breeds efficiency. Provide useful content. Establish yourself as an authority. Marketing a cash gifting program with articles can be a very rewarding experience. Instead of having to woo someone with ads alone you offer the reader something of value

To Your Success,

Rob Sevilla – Internet Success Trainer


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