Using The Advanced Layout

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Use the Advanced layout for your chart if you want to chart detail data, or if you have not defined any groups on your report. You are able to have multiple chart values, and can use multiple dimensions to create a 3D chart. SCR also allows for chart values to be based on running total fields.

1. lo plot joints on detail data, click Advanced. The Data tab changes* to display the appropriate options tor creating this type of chart.

2. Indicate the field you want to use as a condition for plotting values by selecting a Held from the Available Fields list, and then clicking the right arrow button beside the On Change Of box to move the field over.

Use this option if you want to create a detail chart for each group on a report. Select the each (group name) option in the “place chart” list so that the chart is inserted once for each group.The field you move over lo the “on change of” list is the field the group is based on, and you will have one chart for each occurrence of this group on (lie report).

3. Next, indicate the field values you want to plot in the chart by selecting a field from the Available fields list and using the arrow to move it over to the Show values list. You can plot more than one value, but you need to select a chart type that accommodates multiple data points, itk’ & line chart.

4. If your data allows and you want to have SCR automatically summarize the Show value, be sure to clear the Qpn’t Summarize Values check box. Click Set Summary Operation to change the sum operation.


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