Inserting a Chart With The Chart Expert

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To insert a chart on a report you use the Chart Expert, This Expert has sev­eral tabs with jiromptsand instructions to follow which produce the chart. To open the Chart Expert and select a chart type:

1. Click, the Insert Chart button on the toolbar or select Insert, Chart from the main menu. The Chart Expert appears with five tabs: Type, Data, Axes, Options, and Text. The regular Report Experts also have a Chart tab that contains these five sub-tabs.

2. On the Type tab, select the type of chart or graph you want to insert onio the report.

3. Most of the chart types have two or more basic format options from which to choose. As you highlight each chart type, the format options appear on buttons to the right of the Chart Type list. Click the desired format type button, according to its description directly below the group of buttons. You can come back and easily change the chart type later, so do not hesitate to try a type even if you are not sure it will be the best way to chart your data.

Selecting Data Options on the Data Tab

The Data tab Sets you select the placement of the graph within the report, the layout of the graph, and the data for the graph points. You can choose from four available data options:

• Advanced

• Group

• Cross-Tab



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