Using Parameters in Report Titles or Other Report Sections

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Parameter fields can be inserted anywhere on your report that you might insert- any other type of field. Commonly, you’ll want the parameter field added to a report tide, or to an area on the report that will alert the reader as to what data die report contains.

To add a parameter Held to a report title, use a text object for the title and insert the parameter field into data object.

1. Be sure that tree text object is in edit mode, and die bunking cursor is in the position where you want to insert the parameter field.

2. Open the Field Explorer and select the parameter field you want* to insert into die title.

3. Click the Insert button or drag and drop the parameter field into the text object be sure that you insert die parameter field into die text object and do not just drop it on top of die text object. “Formatting Your Report,” if you have questions about .inserting a field into a text object.)

4. Format the parameter field to match the rest of the text if you want, or to stand out on a different line if you prefer. Preview your report to see the value you used at the prompt reflected m the title.

In order to have all the values selected for the report print in the title, you need to write a separate formula to insert into the title or another area on your report, rather than just’ inserting the parameter field itself. You have many options for writing formulas that use parameter fields. See’ some samples in the following section, and use your own creativity.


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