Make Your Face Toned And Eye Catching in a Very Easy Way.. !!!

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Face Exercises for the eyes:

  • Close your eyes firmly. Place both thumbs at the outer corners of the eyes and gently pull the skin towards your temples

  • Firmly close your eyes. Place both forefingers flat under your eyebrows and stretch the skin upwards while keeping your eyes closed

  • Keep your eyes open. Raise your eyebrow while half closing your eyes. Hold for a second. Open your eyes as wide as you can. Hold for a second.

  • Keep your eyes open. Look up and down as far as you can without shifting your head. Do the same to the left and right. At the end, stare ahead.

Face Toning Exercises For The Nose:

If you want to tone your nose, take your top lip and place it over your bottom lip. Pull downward as you at the same time lift your eyebrows up. You should feel a nice pull around the sides of your nose. Repeat at least 10times. This really helps to keep the nose from getting longer as we age, and also keeps it from widening too. Many people don’t realize that they really lose so much of their once youthful nose as they age. Look at some pictures of people when they are young and when they are old and you will definitely see how our noses lose their shape and become substantially longer

Face Exercises For The Neck & Throat :

  • Grasp the underside of your chin with an open palm. Tilt your head back so that your staring upwards until you feel your throat skin stretching

  • This is a continuation of the previous exercise. Now shift your hand to the bottom of your throat and stretch the skin downwards

  • Bring your lips together as if for a kiss. Tilt your head back to the ceiling. Stretch your lips as if you’re trying to kiss the ceiling above you

  • Tilt your head back as if staring at the ceiling. Bring your lower lips over the upper one and feel the stretch in your throat skin

  • Tilt Your head back as if staring at the ceiling. Bring your tongue out as if trying to touch your chin. Feel the stretch and relax

Each of these exercises should be done 5-10 times.

Facial Toning Exercises For The Lips :

  • Bring your lips firmly together. Now bring your lips towards your nose. Hold and relax

  • While keeping your lips and teeth pressed together, smile as widely as possible. Hold the smile and release

  • Bring your lips in a Kiss position as hard as you can. Hold this position and release

  • Pucker your lips as far out as possible. Try to touch your nose with the upper lips and aim for the chin with the lower one

Face Toning Exercises For The Cheeks:

  • Keep your lips closed. Such both Cheeks inward. Hold and release. Do this exercise by sucking in one cheek at a time

  • Keep your mouth closed. Feel your mouth with air. Hold it under your upper lip for a few seconds. Move it to your right cheek. Hold. Move to your left cheek. Hold. Move the air to your lower lip. Hold. Blow the air out

  • Keep your lips closed. Pucker your lips by using your cheek muscles. Hold your lips puckered for a few seconds and release.


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