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Automated Blogging – Ten Tips For Success

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I hope the following article will help you to better understand this issue.

How To Do It

Setting up an automated blog is a relatively simple process that will produce lots of traffic and earnings if done correctly.
Blogs are are generally cheaper indexed by search engines, especially Google, can help them automate and literally dominate your niche with a little effort.

The main reason I chose blogs is they are easy to set-up, are great for back-linking, favor social bookmarking, and can be syndicated with RSS.
The key to creating an automated process is cost-effective automation blog.
Here are the steps:

1. Search to find a niche product cheap.
(Google Trends, Amazon.
com, eBay Pulse)

2. Perform keyword analysis using Google’s External Keyword Tool (Free) 3.
Find the long tail keywords for the niche (less competition for the first page of Google for long tail keywords much easier than ranking for keywords classify short tail.

4. Choose the automated blogging platform (Blogger or WordPress)

5. Create several blogs based on long-tail keyword phrases

6. Public Blog Article by automated blogging software and RSS.

7. Run (optimize title, description, anchor tags, meta tags and content for key words) on any SEO blog

8. Link your blogs using keyword rich “anchor-text ” to your money page (Affiliate Sales Page) or Squeeze Page (if you’re building a list) 9.
Get your blog indexed by search engines automated (usually 24-48 hours, if done correctly)

10. Rinse and repeat

This is the basic blueprint I use to drive hundreds of targeted visitors to my “money” pages every single day.
Unlike traditional Web sites, it is not necessary that you know HTML and Blogger and WordPress blog for free make excellent platforms for automated blog.

Your time is greatly appreciated thanks for reading this article on Automated Blogs.



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