When Churches Throw Stones at Each Other …

The pastor is delivering a very passionate sermon and then starts to talk about another organization.  I am not talking about your usual analogies about why you should stay in a small church and build the organization and get your hands dirty but the pastor is actually calling out another church by name, or that churches pastor.  Should you pray for that other church?  Should you pray for their pastor?  Should you pray for your pastor what are you supposed to do?

Part of you are entertained, because you didn’t like that church anyway or you don’t like the people at that church.  Your pastor is confirming suspicions that you had of their pastor and hanging their laundry out to dry.  But it is easy to forget that we are all part of the body of Christ, and those should be your brothers and sisters in the Lord, whether you attend a different church than they do or not. 

What if the church has visitors on that Sunday?  Would they want to attend your church, or would they figure that your church is part of the problem in the body of Christ?  We have all attended or visited churches where they have drama among themselves, or try to start drama with other churches.  If your church is on YouTube members of that other church or the pastor of that other church might put their own videos out in retaliation.  It could get ugly very quickly.

The irony of all of this is that both preachers are delivering a sound Word, but is there carnality when we talk about each other?  Is it the same as gossipping, or is it okay when it being used to illustrate a larger spiritual point?  Can we talk about God and be effective without using the tools of the world?  Do we digress when we employ methods that would not be in line with what Jesus Christ did when he was on the Earth?

There are going to be problems in any organization, a difference of opinion as to how we should conduct ourselves.  If someone has sinned is it really worth telling your congregation what those sins are and judging that individual because of your personal issues with them?   Larger churches are going to be more organized and more “administrative like” in how they do things but if they have allowed institutionalism to replace the spirit of God that is something they have to answer for.  To me its just a turn off, because there is plenty of drama out in the world to deal with if I want to be entertained by drama.  It is someones job to start drama, someones job to be a hater and they are going to get ahead in the world by being a hater and starting drama because there are others that sit at home that have discord in their own heart that can identify with someone else being a hater.  A hater does not want to be alone and seeks out the companion of other haters to validate their own existence. 

I thought that the entire point of going to church is to get away from all of this.  I am not talking about my own church, but what I see on the Internet; videos put out there by churches, videos put out there by disgruntled and angry members, videos put out there by people that have a problem with the church, Christianity in general, but want to serve God and want you to follow them, yet are not attending any church themselves.  I am still going to continue to serve God because of what I am called to do, but someone else who isn’t sure is going to see this and be turned off and turn away from Christ, who is really who we should be serving, not a Pastor.  We learn to develop a relationship with God for ourselves, we do not substitute our relationship with our Pastor for a relationship with God.

No one wants to see the church in that way.  People still want to go to church, and they still want to serve God, but they are looking for something different.  It is easy to tell someone that it is really about God, but until they have that relationship for themselves all they see is his representation on Earth, and if we’re arguing and fighting amongst ourselves there isn’t anything we can tell someone that is going to make them want to follow Christ.  You can frame positivity in something that is negative and ask people to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Can they see past your hate and indifference, will they take it for the tough love that you say it is or think you are just another charlatan that wants their money?

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