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10 Interesting Facts About The Toothpicks!

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The toothpick is a simple tool with a simple goal. We do not have a second thought as you get one, our teeth unattractive remains free of complaints and food, then throw it away carelessly. But did you know, the toothpick has a rich history that few know? Enjoy these ten interesting facts about the humble toothpick:

1. An important fact has emerged that anthropology have toothpicks more of our own species! Skulls believesbetween Neanderthals show signs that he did to clean the teeth by a kind of instrument.

2. Toothpick inserted in the 17th century by the upper classes have been enough for gold, silver, ivory, and some were even inlaid with precious stones to be loved.

3. The U.S. state of Maine is the largest producer of toothpicks. It is estimated that about 90% of the toothpick in the country in this state.

4. The toothpick has also played an important role in history.Agathocles, tyrant of Syracuse, who died in 289 BC, when a toothpick – an enemy that is supposed to learn to swim in poison without it.

5. A man named Charles Forster, Boston, Harvard students asked to eat at a local restaurant and clamor for a toothpick after a meal. You should complain if the device can not give. Forster hopes that would help create a market for disposable toothpicks.

6. The sameCharles Forster, a toothpick factory in Strong, Maine, to an average of 20 million toothpicks a day.

7. In, 1980 toothpicks, cinnamon has a trend. The children would toothpick in a bottle of oil of cinnamon extract soaked and sell them for a profit. Customers who bought can be identified by a red left in my mouth.

8. The toothpick is a key element of the opinion that the Swiss boxcutter – are – a popular brand of multi-function toolsone of which is in their products.

9. Some people have found other creative uses for a toothpick. A man named Joe King 110 000 toothpicks used to construct a model of the Eiffel Tower – rose to 23 feet!

10. Today, if you are looking for a stylish gift to have someone original and important, buy a pocket toothpick holder – a great way to bring toothpicks everywhere with you!


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