Almond Oil Benefits

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Almonds are naturally high in vitamin E, which makes them ideal as hair care and skin care products. The resulting oil is smooth and silky, with a faint, pleasing fragrance. Whether you use it as a massage oil, a natural moisturizer, or a way to keep your scalp and hair healthy and strong, using sweet almond oil on your skin and hair is a wonderful, affordable way to look your best. Almond oil is example of a natural substance that has been in use for thousands of years. It is a time honored natural food and herb remedy that has conferred its benefits on users by providing lots of nutrients and vitamins, thus enhancing the health of the hair, skin and scalp. 

Sweet almond oil has a very high Vitamin E content, which is an anti-inflammatory vitamin. The oil is often used in treating the dry, scaly skin of those suffering from eczema and psoriasis because of this property. It stores relatively well, especially in the refrigerator where it keeps for up to six month’s time. It also helps to relieve itchiness, hence, its value in treating psoriasis and eczema. This awesome almond oil is one of the best therapies for reviving the natural glow of the skin. It is know to give a more youthful appearance when applied. Sweet Almond Oil contains olein glyceride linoleic acid and is rich in minerals, vitamins (especially Vitamin D) and proteins. 

A great way to clean your face is with almond oil. It works for any skin type, especially dry or flaky skin. Do not wet your face before cleansing. Gently rub oil onto your face in a circular motion. Allow the oil to stay on your face for two to three minutes before continuing. Apply steam. You can either use direct steam or use a wet washcloth. If using the cloth, wring out excess water and lie back. Place the cloth over your face and leave there until it reaches room temperature. Face pack made from almond, rosebud paste and milk cream is very good for black heads, pimples, dry skin and wrinkles. 

There are numerous ways in which you can introduce almonds in your daily diet. For example, when you eat cereal in the morning, you can simply add a couple of spoons of cut almonds to the plate. Your breakfast will not only be healthier, but will also be tastier and crunchier. Almonds can also be used in many types of salads. Moreover, almond butter is a healthier and still very tasty alternative to peanut butter. Along with their versatile cooking purposes, almonds are incredibly healthy. Rich in omega 6, omega 9, vitamin E, fiber, protein, and more. Studies show that eating almonds are great for lowering cholesterol.


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