Fasting And Your Body

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Fasting is the complete avoidance of any food eaten for a given period of time. The immediate reaction of many is the declaration that you are only courting trouble by doing this. So where does the body take the needed fuel to power the body? Through a bodily process called autolysis, the body transforms the stored fat in the body and the glucose in the bloodstream to energy in the body. When fasting most people do not consider the influence on the body beyond potentially losing weight. Since weight loss is such a desirable goal in the American culture, the direct fasting effects of weight loss are typically welcomed. 

Most importantly people want to see good results. Good results will help motivate a person to lose weight. The statistics show that if a person does not see any results within the first 2-4 weeks of their new diet or exercise program that they will lose interest and stop. So that is why it is important to lose weight the fast effective way. The people that want fast effective weight loss products usually want to burn fat fast before a big event or before summer comes. The most important secret is to fire up your thinking. Everything in life starts out with how you think that, and quick effective slimming is not any exception. It is all concerning committing to healthy alternatives for an extended period of time to keep up a nourishing weight. 

Psychologically, fasting induces a certain borderline state making the mind susceptible to data fed into it in the form of affirmations, mantras, and prayers, and thus strengthening subconscious response to the information given. Fasting likewise orients the mind to the spirit within making it conducive for inner attunements and communications to take place with the Cosmic Mind and the various intelligences composing It. A big mistake many people make prior to beginning a fast is to fail to consider how their diet and lifestyle should be altered prior to the start of a fast. Oh, many alter their diet before fasting – by stuffing themselves with as much junk food as they can, with the hopes that it will make the time of fasting easier. 

Fasting slows down your aging process by keeping your arteries young (often hardened by cholesterol, fats, inorganic minerals and fibrous tissues). Fasting facilitates the removal of accumulated substances that may damage cell functions, thereby slowing down your aging process and extending your lifespan. Whatever the reason, fasting can be a healthy choice for your body, soul, and mind. Whether your goal is weight-loss, health, or a deeper relationship with God, a fast can be a beneficial activity to try. The most important thing about fasting, is to not give up. The first couple of hours of fast are the most difficult ones. 


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