Sex Tourism

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When surfing the Internet I came across a very interesting list of laws currently in force, which will travel to the U.S.could very miserable life … Some of them are particularly absurd. After all, judge for yourself…

  • In Iowa, a kiss may last more than five minutes.

  • WashingtonStateprohibits in its territory defloration, regardless of age virgins.

  • The U.S.states of Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennesseeand Virginia, the law prohibited oral and anal intercourse (in the former British colony of Singaporeis more tolerant to oral sex – although it is also illegal, but only if it is not part of foreplay “).

  • North CarolinaStateas the only permitted legal position during sex is missionary position.

  • Nashville(Tennessee) to decree that a man who would have been seen in public visibly sexually aroused, can be arrested.

  • The city of Dallas(Texas) law regulates that the ownership of the vibrator in the shape of a realistic penis is illegal.

  • Utahgoverns sexual behavior in ambulances. Sexual act in rapid response vehicles is illegal and particularly aggravating circumstances when it happens in case of exit.

  • In Massachusettstaxi drivers prohibits sexual activity in the front seat and during driving.

  • In the state of West Virginiait is denied sexual contact with animals, but only for men and not for women, and specifies that the animal must weigh less than 40 pounds.

So if you have a plan to move any of the above state in USA, keep in mind all the laws of relevant state or you can explore more laws by searching it on the Internet.


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