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What is the best antivirus protection program to have? That is the question that everyone asks when they buy a new computer or upgrade their internet connection. With broadband becoming more and more popular in recent years, a good antivirus protection program is a must. So, whenever you are choosing a good virus protection software , you should stop to think about this for a minute you will understand that a person who has spent a huge amount of time developing and maintaining an anti virus protection program. 

The latest lightweight netbook computers offer an affordable entry into portable computing, especially for buyers with tight budgets. Basically, netbook users do not want to be frustrated by a slow computer while browsing the Internet or when sending or receiving email.Computer viruses are a fact of life. Have been for years. Irritating little creatures that can be mere annoyances or outright network killers. Avoiding and defeating them isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be. 

Some of the typical ratings used include ease of use of software, effectiveness against known virus, ease of installation, type of features available, frequency of updates, cost of the software and virus definitions. WireShark Antivirus is a common “rogue antivirus” program which is continually installing itself on 100’s of computers around the World every day. Although this program may look legitimate, the fact is that it’s nothing more than a virus. 

Each of us has different needs. The best antivirus for me would be different for you. Depending on your requirements, you could be a casual internet surfer or you could be a software developer who needs to perform ftp and downloads regularly. Kids are fearless and will always act first and worry about the consequences later. And that includes their computer habits. Downloading programs or games without understanding the fine print that goes along with these types of activities 

Either way we all want to use the best antivirus software available. But how does one know if one is better than another? They all claim to be top rated antivirus software. So how can you tell the difference? In the first part of this CompTIA Network certification exam tutorial, we looked at the different types of viruses and other invaders trying to get into our network, and how antivirus programs help to stop them. 

Although good protection is available at very low prices, some of the free vendors require you to visit their site to get the latest security updates. And since new threats appear on a daily and even hourly basis, it can be quite a struggle to just keep your protection updated. In today’s world, your network must be protected from both internal and external antivirus threats. By implementing and executing an aggressive antivirus strategy, you can greatly reduce your network’s chances of being hit with a virus. 

Here are some important things to note. Antivirus System Pro’s fake scan is actually false, the threats it has identified are not real. Also, you do not have the ability to turn off the virus, if you try to delete the program or end the process.A Trojan is a kind of malicious software that creates a back door into your computer system, allowing hackers and other cyber miscreants’ access to your files, your network and any information on your computer. 


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