Sunday, December 17

Haiku: Feed Your Soul Every Day

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Haiku: Feed Your Soul Every Day

Genocide unfolding in Kosovo
leaders executed
balkan war

 Drug for AIDs
armenian doctors discover:
leap of light

No-first-use commitment
indispensable to avert nuclear war
to pierce the night

Six million jews slaughtered
gas chambers
devil roars

 Nelson Mandela
 true world inspiration
Tender and averse to killing

Prince of Austria assassinated

Furies take revenge

First World War

Battle of Verdun, Somme

Most destructive:

Waging war for peace

Racial superiority


Hawks strike upon the enemy

Sobs of a broken heart

Two world wars-


League of Nations fails

War of revenge-


25 million died

10 million injured:

Waging war for peace

Power politics

The vale of death:

Balance of power

War creates beasts

Sooner than wine and woman:

Waging war for peace

Never vote for war

Isolationism better than

Patriotic desire

Soldierly virtues

Most valuable:


Nuclear weapon industry-

The cruel system

To annihilate earth

Military strength

Competitive weapons:

Waging war for peace

A desolate poet

offers himself into God’s hands:


 Wounded soldiers
broken legs in Iraq war
assist the fallen

Violence, chaos
muscle power
trouble my muse

Sheep is feeble
never complains-

Curing terrorism
 altered state of mind:
holistic medicine

Personal choerography
in cosmic dance-
Nelson Mandela enlightens

Not afraid
to be an ousider-
sweet Nelson Mandela


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