Dawn…the First Ray of Hope

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I am waiting, till that time when a ray of hope will come at the early in the morning.

The time when the morning is slowly coming out from the mother’s shell facing every bad symptoms and keeping away the dark evil night that is the time, called DAWN

It is not only that DAWN is just a phase between DAY an NIGHT, it is a carrier or it is the introduction of every good things it is the junction when the someone take his paintbrush to spread the colors on the sky

It is said that “morning shows the day”, the meaning is that the our whole days schedule is depend on the phase (DAWN) because it is also said that first impression matters.

THE NATURE OF DAWN:-The nature of DAWN is basically quite gentle and reserve.

DAWN is a careless but poetic beauty of nature, it is the time when the chirping of bird makes us feel the “BHAIRAV RAGA”, it is the time when the” sun-saint” starts his praying in a very soft and silent but gentle mode, It is the time when the Paper salesmen are usually stayed in busy state to synchronize the news to make reach the first news to us ,it is the time when the students can give their full concentration in study,

The DAWN even keeps quite the DON(the king of evil) also, because no one can not take the risk to break the silence of DAWN usually. It is often said that there are lots of power in DAWN because it has an own unique nature that is can not be described in words, it is only to be felt.

The SECRET of DAWN: It is my thought that DAWN is the thin transparent cloth which morning queen wore and when slowly slowly she wakes up from sleeping state removing the cloth it makes her more beautiful.
Always remember DAWN is not the property of Science it is the feeling of poet, writer, child, bird, student or creature

the article is an original piece written by Rick Saha


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