Emtions. to Express Feelings

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Emotion is such a thing that can define different stages of mind. There are many colors of emotion like Mood, Temperament, Personality, and Deposition Emotion creates expressions. All the creatures of God are emotional. But the way of expressions are different.

Yesterday a drop of tear has come out from my eyes while I was remembering my college days this is called emotion, I am so happy that today I expressing my emotion
about emotion “Emotion” itself very emotional today of being uttered so many times because often it is suppressed in mind but today it is the time to open out of all the emotions .A new born baby when realize that he or she has already come to the new world then he or she cries thinking how lonely he or she is ,but after sometimes when he or she realize that he or she has someone who is very near to him or her who is called Mother then he or she smiles, so here it is clearly proved that there are no such training to learn how to express the emotions; it comes automatically. Not only the human being but also the trees, flower, cat dog all the creations have their own emotions and they have their own language to express their emotions.

Emotion is a feed to the creator to create new things, emotion is a support to the helpless people to get back, and emotion is last ray of hope to fight till the last breath.
There is no limitations of emotions, emotion sails the boat in the flow of thinking itself and take us to that point where lots of emotions are being together expressing their emotions with each other. It is difficult to synchronize our emotions according to our thinking because every time I am thinking about the emotions it changes it’s colors, so it is very hard to bound emotion in some word because emotions are free and changes it’s direction with every moments.

We should not misuse our emotions, because it is the strength by which you can do anything, but if you waste your emotion thinking only narrow kind of things and waste your valuable tears you will never come back into your flow.
So hold your emotions and use it very carefully, because emotion is good but the flow of emotion is bad which often destroy the way of our right thinking.

article is an original piece and written by Rick Saha


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