Different Shape of Pop up Displays And Its Application

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Pop up displays the name itself suggests the kind of display system and its inner structure. Different panels in its back structure developed architecture which can be popped up and popped in. The panels are made up of aluminum and joined with each other with hook or magnetic joints which deliver portability and quick assemble of the pop up display in just few seconds.

They have large no. of application to use for at various platforms. Generally people prefer to use these displays in any kind of business promotion events. They have been used frequently in events like business fair, exhibition, outdoor campaign, street campaign and mobile advertising. Pop up Displays comes into the picture when there is a requirement of getting quick attention on your brand from crowd or if you want to differentiate your brand from thousands of others. According to its display area, there are various shaped of pop up displays are available in the market. As I have explained before, according to its shape they have different panel structure and quantity in its back architecture. So let’s talk about its different shape and advantages of each over others.

Tower Shape structure

It is a newly invented from of displays to the family of exhibition display. It looks very attractive and eye catching because of its structure and it’s round shape display area. Hence they are not being used largely because of less advertisement display space because of its round structure. Two straight panel in back, join with each other that way which makes round tower type shape. It is mostly being used at indoor places for fixed kind of promotion of products or brand. So if you have advertising requirement which focus on look not the display area it is the best option that you should select. Three halogen lamps on the top highlight entire displays.

Magnetic Curved

The name itself suggests that the back panels are joined with each other by magnetic pole. It is choice of many advertisers because of its curved shape display area which gets special attention of people and gives unique look to your stall at any event. You can use this kind of pop up displays as point of sale or point of purchase display system.

Straight Display

It has the largest display are to represent your advertisement. It is the choice of many organizers who want to represent large no. of products on single display. You can use this display in from of entrance door where people are coming from front side. The poster comes with fabric material and fit into the panel very nicely without any single scrap. The poster also covered by plastic cover which keeps the poster new for future use as well. If you are thinking about promotion so many products in single event then straight display is the ultimate option for you.

Portable joints for expansions

There is always a need of other displays or need to use combination of other display along with Pop up Displays. Events like trade show fair and exhibition, where we need to use other display equipment as well to give good look of your stall. This kind of displays has portable joints so you can expand other displays like literature racks or simple stand to display other products as well. Literature racks or brochure racks can be joined with this expandable poles and give different look to entire display.

This way there are different shapes of Pop Up Displays are available in the market. You can choose as per your business needs and the features and advantages of each shape of displays.


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