How Can You Damage Your Ears by Using Headphones And Cleaning Sticks

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Even though the most important and sensitive parts of your ears are your eardrums, there are plenty of other things to consider in order to maintain the heath of your auditory organs. While cleaning your ears regularly may help “officially”, this may also damage them in the long run.

Our ears secrete wax and don’t do it in vain. That wax prevents foreign microscopic bodies from entering into the cavity of our ears and from doing a lot of damage. Apart from that, when you clean your ears with special ear-cleaning sticks available in all supermarkets and shops, you risk damaging your hearing yourself. The soft end of the stick may tenuously reach you eardrum and section it, especially if you clean your ears on a daily basis.

Another important aspect you have to remember is to practise loose caution when wearing headphones on your ears. Large-diameter headphones, such as those used by DJs and music producers, are basically safe to listen to for 5-6 hours continuously and at a mild level of sound.

However, if you are a fan of in-ear headphones, such as those made especially for iPods and iPhones, you should not be listening to them for more than two hours continuously.

These approximate thresholds may vary according to how much you like to turn up the volume. Nevertheless, in-ear headphones are probably the most common and the surest way to damage your hearing in the long run.


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