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Facts About Cheese

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Cheese has always been a part of menu for various dishes, and who could miss the cheese when it comes to pasta and pizza. It has never been complete eating them without those yummy cheese on top of it.

Cheese comes from the diverse group of milk-based food products while “Cheese-making” is the process of separating the milk solids from the liquid portion facilitated by the action of the enzyme rennin and/or lactic acid bacteria. The characteristic flavor and body are produced by varying the milk source (such as either from cow,goat,sheep) by the addition of salt and other added seasonings, by using different molds and bacteria for ripening the cheese, and by changing the time and temperature, and ripening the climate. The result is hundreds of different tastes, textures, and varieties of cheese.

Some types of cheese are : cottage Cheese,cream cheese, pot cheese, farmer cheese, ricotta cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and many others.

Where can you use Cheese?

Aside from the pasta and pizza, here is a list where you can use cheese in your daily menu :

1. Main dishes such as omelets, baked casseroles together with potatoes,grains, or vegetables

2. Cheese wedges with fruits, nuts, or crackers as appetizer or dessert.

3. Use cheese as salad dressings, spreads, and dips.

4. Cheese are lovely grated in soups.

5. For sandwiches, as cold or melted.

6. As toppings to fresh fruit pies and cheese cakes

When serving with cheese, remove it from refrigerator at least thirty minutes. On this way, the full flavor and the texture can be appreciated. well.


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