Winter Tips : Foods That Boost Your Mood

Indoor activities are not enough to boost the body, but rather food also plays an important role in keeping the body alive and on the go. Here are some energy boosting tips according to Jane Clarke, a state-registered dietician and authored “Jane Clarke’s Bodyfoods Cookbook’.

Importance of Breakfast Meal. Many ignores the importance of having a breakfast meal without realizing that it helps to sustain the energy level that the body needs throughout the days activities. It has become a habit to some teens and workers to just sip a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning and rush outside to beat their schedule. There is nothing wrong with hot coffee or tea as caffeine gives a body and mental leap in the morning. What to avoid is taking too much of it, more than three cups a day will make the body dehydrated. An alternative drink during the day is herbal tea and water.

Clarke wrote ” Because your body derives energy from nourishment having a little something for breakfast is better than nothing at all”. Food that are rich in fibre such as cereals or porridge are excellent energy boosters.

Energy Foods in your Menu. Include high-protein foods such as fish, chicken, beans,lentils, eggs, lean red meat, fruits and vegetables. This is better than carbohydrate foods such as heavy pasta, jacket potatoes, and too much of breads.

Amount of Food Intake. Be cautious in the amount of the food intake, the more you eat the more you will be heavy and feel sleepy. The stomach needs oxygen too for them to function and be active properly. If you eat less,your body will feel more energized and likes to acts immediately.

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