Moving Company: How to Choose The Best One And How to Prepare For The Move

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Moving your house from one place to another is considered one of the most stressful things people do in their lives. When you’re moving to another country, stress becomes tenfold! If you’re moving long distance on your own you have to do careful planning and also if you hire a mover. Find out whether the company you are selecting will do a good job? Whether you’re hiring a mover or doing the job on your own you have to make a checklist before and after you have moved.

Preparing for the physical move:

  • Do make a note of shipment registration number for emergency use.

  • Do clean up and dry your refrigerator. After you have dried up your refrigerator, put a handful of fresh coffee, baking soda in a sock and place it inside to keep the interior smelling fresh.

  • Do keep your phone book with you. You have to call up residents or businesses back in your former hometown.

  • Do pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in large boxes.

  • Do remember bulbs before packing your lamps.

  • Do pack all the items carefully and leave the rest to professionals. Sit back and relax and look forward to the new opportunities, friends and experiences that are part of any move. Be sure to get a good night’s rest before pick up and delivery days!

  • Pack all your food, cleaning supplies, chemicals, soaps and shampoos. Moving companies will not take food, chemicals or cleaning supplies. Don’t worry with packing things yourself. Moving companies need to pack everything so that they can stand behind the packing job. If something breaks, they have to know with certainty that it was their fault.

  • Make a trip to a thrift store to give away what you couldn’t sell. Remember to get receipts and write off forms for the value of what was donated.

  • Make a list of things you want to have in the car with you, to eat, drink or occupy your mind.

  • Bring games in the car for the kids to entertain themselves.

Points to remember before picking the right moving company

  • Choose only licensed companies: Ask the representative to demonstrate that it carries worker’s compensation insurance to protect the moving company and its customers.

  • Get to know the firm: You can call a few clients to verify references.

  • Ask the movers: If there are many local or national trade associations, contact them for further information about the mover.

  • Check out the status of the company through the Better Business Bureau.

  • Get a written estimate and determine whether it’s binding or non-binding. Best way to find your moving cost estimate is to get an in-home visual assessment from the mover. Decide whether you want full service or self service.

  • Insist on a guaranteed price in writing that includes guaranteed pick up and delivery dates when you are ready to sign the contract. The contract should include a guarantee of how many hours the job will take, allowing an overrun of no more than 10 percent.

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