Thursday, December 14

Where to Find International Finance Jobs

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I’m heading into the final semester of my MBA program, which means it’s time to start the job hunt. This is not something I look forward to, as there’s a lot of stress involved in the process. I have to make sure my resume is perfect, I have to type up different cover letters for each position I apply to, and of course I have to field a seemingly endless barrage of interview questions that require me to deliver original, convincing answers. To make matters worse, all of those things only come into play after I’ve combed through lists of international finance jobs to find openings that I’m qualified for.

Yes, I’ve pretty much decided at this point that I’m only interested in international finance jobs. I’ve done a bit of research already and have talked to some alumni who currently work overseas, and I’m convinced that this is the route I want to take. International finance jobs offer the exciting opportunity to immerse myself in another culture and travel the world while gaining valuable experience in my field. Plus, did I mention that expat compensation packages are usually far more generous than those offered for comparable positions in the United States? That’s a major draw for me, especially since I’ll have tens of thousands of dollars in school loans to pay off.

The key to finding the best international finance jobs to apply for is knowing where to look. I’ve found a few terrific sources already, so I’ve been scouring the listings in case something good comes up. One of my favorite places to check is at my university’s career center. Many of the job listings there are submitted by alumni, which means I’d have a big advantage over other candidates. Some people may not like it, but the reality of the situation is that networking and school affiliation can make all the difference in getting one of these coveted international finance jobs.

Another place to search for available opportunities is various websites on the Internet that focus on expatriate lifestyles. There are plenty of these types of sites out there, though from what I’ve seen thus far, the quality varies significantly. Some sites aren’t even worth checking, but I’ve managed to pick out a couple of decent ones from the pack.

And finally, I am thinking about using a recruiting firm that specializes in placing folks in international finance jobs. These places act as stateside intermediaries for the overseas entities they represent. The recruiting firm handles the application, interviewing, and selection process in a domestic office, thereby making things much easier for everyone involved.

From my preliminary searches, I can tell that I would be a desirable candidate for many of the international finance jobs I’ve seen listed. Being flexible in terms of which city I want to live in also helps, and I’ve got that angle covered as well. I can’t wait to finish school and finally embark on the career I’ve always dreamed of!


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