Stop Smoking Through Smoking

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There is no doubt that smoking really hurts our bodily system. There are plenty of organs being affected by the tobacco smoke. The smoke of tobacco in a cigarette contains thousands of poisonous elements the others of which are cancer-causing agents.

But why are people smoking although they know of its adverse effect? There is no one in this world who will belie the fact that smoking indeed causes more deaths than, say, road accidents, AIDS, or other diseases.

The reason why people continue to smoke is because of the urge to puff cigarettes due to addiction caused by nicotine. The will to stop smoking is overwhelmed by the force of addiction, so that it is not a welcome idea to quarrel with a smoker because no amount of threatening words could convince him to stop smoking. When I was about 12 years old, I would hear my mother telling my father (a non-smoker) that she is willing to give him up, rather than giving up her smoking. She gave more importance to the tobacco than to my father. You cannot tell a smoker who consumes two to three packs like me to discontinue the habit on the premise that smoking kills because a sure crooked answer will leave you dumb. And why not if your son for example will tell you, “Hey, Dad, if we smoke, we die; if we don’t smoke, we also die; so we better smoke and enjoy.”

Kicking off the habit of smoking is a very tall order. I have known of very few people only who attempted to quit smoking and succeeded. The formula that these people applied was just a sheer determination to stop, perhaps inspired by a proverb which says, “Those who conquer themselves are the great warriors.” However, in our modern world of today where concerned people are bent on their advocacy to at least minimize the environmental damages brought about by smoking are still on the go medidating deeply on how they would be able to save their fellowmen from the lethal effects of smoking.

The best way to abet people to quit smoking is to let them smoke to their heart’s content, but in the long run would eventually give up the habit on their own volition. In so doing, we were able to save his life and family without entangling ourselves into misunderstanding and grudges. How?

Have you heard about the E-cigarette? This cigarette resembles the real thing but since it is an electronic device, it does not emit a smoke. You know, it is the tobacco smoke which makes smoking bad to our health, not the nicotine. By using the E-cigarette, since it is smokeless, there is not much destructive effect to our health, and, eventually, once the smoker became used to utilizing the E-cigarette will end up oblivious about smoking the real cigarette. So, E-cigarette coupled with the will to stop the habit equals good health. Right?


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