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For the last few days I was carrying the survey about the online earnings. There I found some sites which primise you to pay such a high amount that you cannot see in dreams also. I strongly recommend you not to waste time on it. There are many other sites on the internet where you can earn much money, but I recommend you not to work full time by leaving the current job. You cannot become rich by working on internet, but atleast you can earn enough money that will pay your bills. 

Here I have some of the effective ways to earn much on internet.

1. First of all get a Google Adsense account. Fot this the procedure is available on many website. It is easy to apply but a little bit hard to get aprroved, but don’t worry you will get it.

2. Once you get a Google Adsense, next step is to get a good domain service provider and a good, attractive domain name. Now a days Yahoo! provides a good domain service with affordable yearly fees. You can get a good Yahoo! Domain name. So what are you waiting for, go get it.

3. Many of the sites provides a free website creation where you can create your very own website. blogger.com is a very good site which allows you to create the webpages with Google Adsense support. You can keep 100% of the earnings from Adsense.

4. Embed your ads code in the website and drive traffic, then see what amount of adsense earnings flow into your account.

Online earning is totally based upon your efforts made towards creating the valuable and quality material on your website.

Best of luck and god bless you.


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