Monday, December 18

Sorting The Wheat From The Chaff in a Fat Loss Diet

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For some strange reason, putting pounds on happens a lot more quickly than taking them off does. Or perhaps it just seems that way because the effort needed to take pounds off is a lot more unpleasant than the effort needed to put them on. Still, fat loss diets and programs out there certainly seem to take full advantage of our anxious need to lose weight, and there are simply more options available that would make sense. If you happen to be someone who’s a little extra anxious to get rid of those pounds, those advertisements certainly have taken you for a ride more than you would care to remember. Before you go out there and commit yourself to some new extreme fat loss diet, be sure to run through this checklist of what is not likely to work.

Up first is the hGC hormone taken out of the urine of pregnant women (yes, eww). The claim is that if you take in no more than 500 calories a day and you don’t really feel any more hunger, you can lose a pound a day. How do you survive the 500 calories a day anyway? They claim that you can take in injections of the hGC in the urine of pregnant women and that will release the fat stored in your body to make up for the shortfall. The only problem there is that it’s not entirely approved by the FDA for use in this way. Still, no one says that it could hurt you.

Ancient people and tribals even today going out on long treks rely on the knowledge of local vegetation for food to survive on. The Hoodia plant that grows in South Africa and elsewhere in the region is one such plant. And it’s become the scammy fat loss diet industry’s latest mantra. While the effectiveness of this supplement is seriously in question, you can’t be really sure either that what you getting is not counterfeit. It’s best to stay away from this.

Wakame or  kombu, two varieties of brown seaweed, contain a substance known as Fucoxanthin. It’s what gives brown seaweed its color. When people take this, the pigment helps you speed up your fat burning rate, is how the theory goes. Does that sound promising? The problem is Fucoxanthin is not easy to extract. The kind of stuff you might get off the Internet is probably poorly extracted and poorly kept. And they never actually specify how much of the essential ingredient those products contain.

The best way to go about that loss diet would be to eat well and exercise well. There just is no substitute for the traditional method no matter how many newfangled ideas they come up with.


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