Saturday, December 16

Family Budget Planning

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Saving money is commonly a major challenge for most people. This is plain and simply due to the fact that we all enjoy spending on a regular basis. Most of us are spending our hard-earned cash on things we do not even need. Maybe you are out with your friends, and you see something you want like a new shirt of piece of furniture. Well, you probably do not need it at all, but you go ahead and purchase it anyway. This is called impulsive buying. Many supermarkets and retail shops count on you doing this. However, while it may be good for their earnings, it is unlikely good for your wallet. This is where family budget planning comes into the picture.

Even if you have never budgeted your income in the past, it is never too late to get started. If you are only in your twenties or thirties, go ahead and get started with family budget planning right now. Maybe you have a spouse and kids, but never enough capital to go around. There is often a simple reason for this. It is likely because you are spending your money on many little things that you do not need. This is something people do in America all the time. Individuals, couples and families all spend money that they do not even have. Since they want something right away, they simply charge it to a credit card. This is a bad habit!

There is a simple way to start family budget planning. Go ahead and take out a sheet of paper. All you need is a pen and a calculator to do this. You do not even have to have your computer; although a spreadsheet can be helpful if you prefer to save the plan to your PC or Mac. Now, write down your monthly income. Only write down what it is you actually get. Now, in a separate column, write down each one of your monthly bills. At this point, you can write down how much you estimate to spend on food and gas each month. At this point, you should subtract your monthly expenses from your total earnings for the month. Do not subtract any extras.

This is an excellent way to start family budget planning. So, what is the amount you have left over? More than likely, you make more than you need. At this point, you need to put a portion of this money into savings. You can also put a small amount of cash away each month for vacations. This way when the time arrives, you will have some money to take that much-desired trip. Do not spend on petty items you do not need. You should also avoid dining out regularly. This always costs a great deal of money, and it is bad for your health as well. You see, this is a simple method of family budget planning that virtually anyone can try out.


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