(Updated-New Court Date) Ready to Revolt? Start in The Courtrooms.

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Riots, revolts and revolutions are the talk of all of the media outlets these days.Yemen, Cairo, Tehran, Tunisia, Algeria and before that in Greece, France and Great Britain saw protests of unfair conditions. While the Middle East demanded change from the dictatorships that created these conditions we are now seeing protests in America demanding better working conditions. Starting in Wisconsin and now in Ohio, Americans have started the spark that will eventually lead to real change in this country. Americans can affect change more easily than other countries by just getting involved in our political and legal processes. I suggest taking an interest in our broken court system.

(NOTE: The court date has once again been delayed and will now take place on June 6.) This further increases the costs of Mr. Kavanaugh’s attorney’s fees. This is sometimes a tactic by prosecutors to force a plea bargain.

Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh appears in court on Wednesday, February 23d at 8:00 AM in courtroom 2 in Fayette County, Kentucky. I’ve been following his case here on Examiner in previous articles. To summarize; his is a case of police retaliation. Join me at his trial and let’s take baby steps in this American revolution by insuring that one man doesn’t suffer at the hands of government corruption.

Mr. Kavanaugh has been arrested and found not guilty several times in Lexington. He then filed a civil case against the city and the police force for false arrest. The case was almost dropped and is still pending due to the extreme cost of taking on a city government in civil court. Due to this civil case Mr. Kavanaugh has been harassed repeatedly by members of the Lexington Police Department. Most recently resulting in charges of attempting to kidnap a woman at the main Lextran bus station.

This charge resulted solely upon a decision made by Detective Elizabeth D Adams. Kavanaugh’s first encounter with the Lexington Police began with Detective Adams.

In November of 2004, just prior to my 25th birthday, I was informed by a Detective Elizabeth Adams that I had been accused of sexual misconduct by a classmate and was charged with felony rape and sodomy. After 2 ½ years and multiple plea offerings, the matter would be settled rather succinctly by jury trial with my innocence affirmed.
Prior to the resolution of that matter, in the fall of 2005, on the 1st of November around 2am, I was enjoying the holiday festivities with two friends when three Caucasian men pulled to a stop light near our parked car and began shouting racial slurs. When a member of my party replied, the men parked and approached us; one with an over-sized wrench in hand. By some miracle, we managed to avert a physical altercation then, but encountered the same group again later, just a few blocks away. Our parties exchanged insults, momentarily, before a police cruiser, approaching distantly, compelled us to resume our course none the worse for wear.

Not to be deterred, the cruiser followed my party until an officer, a lady by the name of Jacquelyn Richardson, hopped out and demanded the three of us to sit on the curb. I politely explained to her that while we would be glad to answer any of her questions, we would not be inclined to sit for the sake of it being soaking wet but most importantly for the sake of our dignity as we had done nothing to justify her subordination.

Before I could finish the sentence, she responded by grabbing my arm, an act she would later qualify as an attempted arrest. As I demanded an explanation, another officer, by the name of David Boroschik, approached me from behind and began choking me. Before I knew it, I would be body-slammed and nearly suffocated, squealing desperately for passersby to witness the event. To accentuate my humiliation, Officer Richardson aimed a bottle of mace as I lay helpless and threatened one of my friends with the same fate as he attempted to shield my eyes from its stream.

At the end of the night, I was bloody and battered and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication. It would take two trial attempts to resolve the matter, as the first resulted in mistrial after Richardson was discovered conversing with a jury member, a clear violation of my right to a fair trial. But the second attempt proved successful and eye witness testimonies would later corroborate my account. In what would be the first of several of my trials, I was acquitted of all charges.

A full accounting of Kavanaugh’s encounters can be found on my article, Please ponder this plea from Pleas.

Here is the account of his most recent encounter with Detective Adams:

According to the investigating detective, Elizabeth Adams, the very same officer who had failed in her attempt to incarcerate me several years prior, the suspect fit my description without question. Adding insult to injury, I was also flippantly charged with an unsolved robbery which had taken place in late October. As an aside, Detective Adams would later acknowledge, in her preliminary hearing testimony, that I had not been a suspect in either crime until she had become personally involved.
In the coming days, I would become the subject of an intense manhunt by the police and US Marshals which involved scouring my Facebook page to locate the names of my associates, some of whom I had not seen in years, and invading their homes and their parents’ homes; interrogating patrons of downtown businesses which I was known to frequent and even threatening people with prosecution should they assist me in the acquisition of a private attorney. Perhaps most disparagingly, I was featured in several televised editions of Crimestoppers, in which I was characterized as armed and dangerous and alleged to have been previously convicted of sexual assault.

A motion for discovery would later reveal that in both the robbery and the attempted kidnapping, the suspect(s) stood approximately 6?4?? tall. I stand at 5?10??. In both instances, the assailant was said to have a military-style crew cut I have suffered from male pattern baldness for the better part of a decade and am unable to grow hair. In the transit center incident, the suspect was said to have gold teeth. With all due respect, I have donned gold teeth not one day of my life.

Repeated attempts to obtain video evidence from the transit center security system have been remarkably unsuccessful. To this day, no person acting on my behalf has seen a video of any crime occurring in the early afternoon on December 8th despite the 16 cameras littered throughout the facility. Finally, it was my good fortune to have been in the company of my landlord, on the morning in question, as he repaired my broken heater.

When the suspect in the robbery incident was alleged to have left DNA evidence, I offered a sample of my own genetic material to squelch the issue. After several weeks, inquiries regarding the DNA were ignored until a prosecutor alleged to have had no knowledge of any genetic examination whatsoever. There is little question that the DNA evidence has mysteriously disappeared because the results were exculpatory to the defense.

Detective Adams admitted to my lawyer, during my interrogation, that I had not been identified using a photo array or a lineup, but that she had personally identified me from a composite sketch and then shown a single photo of me to the victims in both incidents.”

Detective Adams was recently suspened without pay for infractions that should bring her credibility into question. I have received, through the Freedom of Information Act, her administrative disciplinary case file. Her fellow officers made a list of complaints and allegations about her as follows:

Detective Adams has failed to adequately perform her duties as an investigator. During a review of her case assignments from 2008 to the present (May 18, 2010), several deficiencies were discovered to include:

  • Failure to folow up investigative leads concerning suspects in custody for a series of robberies in Tennessee wherein the suspects confessed to similar crimes in Lexington.

  • Retaining an evidenciary video recording of a robbery in her desk for over 1 year before booking.

  • Failure to make contact with victims in many of her assigned cases.

  • Failure to perform routine follow up in many of her assigned cases.

  • Failure to file follow up reports documenting investigative actions taken in many of her assigned cases.

The panel and the Lexington City Council voted to suspend her without pay from November 29th through December 3d, 2010. She was relieved of all police credentials and division-owned equipment. Her right to carry a concealed weapon, make arrests and all other law enforcement duties were removed. She was also ordered to participate in an Employee Development Program.

You or I would be fired at our jobs for these types of infractions. Her credibility in accusing Pleas in this case is now offically zero. Is the video from her desk the missing video from the bus station? Some corrupt and incompetent police officers are handed down slaps on the wrist as they continue to abuse the rights of innocent people. Others do their best to keep us safe while defending themselves from the image that bad apples create. White collar criminals get probation for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars while the average man can hardly afford the legal fees to prove his innocence.

This system is broken unless we stand up and demand a better one. One way is to celebrate those in politics, government and our courtrooms that wish to do the will of the people. Another is to visit the courtrooms and show support for those falsely accused or harassed by police officers with a grudge to settle.

I’ve been in Mr. Kavanaugh’s position before and the selfless support of friends and family was the miracle in my life that kept me going. Please help me support a U.S. citizen, Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh, on Wednesday at 8:00 AM in Lexington. If you cannot attend the trial, will you leave your support in the comments section? I hope to fill the courtroom with supporters and make a statement to a court system that is in need of a facelift.

I’m not calling for a revolution or all out riots in the streets. No, not yet, but I do think that we need to become more active in politics and our government. Over-zealous prosecutors and corrupt police officers are a big problem in this country and a great place to start if we want this country to return to the great symbol of freedom it once was.

Join me and the folks at We Are Change Ky and Lexi-Leaks as we start a silent protest by attending the trial of Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh on Wednesday, February 23d at 8:00 AM in courtroom 2.

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