Monday, December 11

Attitude And Beatitude

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Everything that ha s beginning has to end sometime. Though aware of this simple and profound fact, people do react differently to the same circumstances.

Attitude is readiness of the psyche to act or react in a certain way.  Blessedness-a state of supreme happiness is Beatitude.  Take the example of retirement from service.  The day is fixed for one and all and known to each individual.  But, there is a tremendous difference in the way different people adapt to this major change in their lives.  Some are well prepared and enjoy a cool transition.  Others fret and fume.  Some may even go into depression.

Retirement is a classic example  about the need for bowing and accepting the end of a season.  There is a popular joke that an opportunist is one who decides to take a warm bath when he finds himself landing in hot water.  Jokes apart, this is an excellent example of adapting oneself to the inevitable situation, of accepting the things that one cannot change.

There is an anecdote about a soldier who wanted  to get an appointment with Napolean to give a representation concerning his delayed promotion.  It is said that when he requested for a word with the Emperor during a parade inspection by the latter, Napoleon said-OK, meet me tomorrow but only one word please.

Needless to say, most of us would have got disheartened with this reply but not the soldier.

He simply wrote out his own promotion order, held it out to the Emperor and said-“Sign”.  He got his promotion.

This must be the A&B of life—Attitude and Beatitude.

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