Should You Diet During Pregnancy?

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Some women who are carrying around extra pounds may panic when they find out that they are pregnant because they know they are about to gain more weight. They may worry so much that they think that they should diet during pregnancy. Though there are a few ways that you can cut your calories so that you are careful about how much you gain while you are pregnant, almost all women should know that they should not be on any type of weight loss plan while they are pregnant. It can be very dangerous to the baby and may lead to preterm birth.

A diet during pregnancy deprives mom and baby of the valuable nutrition that each needs. The baby is like a parasite in the way that it takes what it needs from the mother and the mother can then suffer for it. That is why a well balanced diet with enough calories is needed. If the baby can not get what he or she needs, they will not develop correctly. Mom could get really sick if baby is pulling everything from her system because she is not eating enough in an effort to lose weight, and she could get sick as well. A weight loss diet is never a good idea.

A pregnant women can watch her calories in a way that is not a diet during pregnancy. You can ask your doctor for the amount of calories that must be taken in each day, and the best sources for getting those calories in a healthy manner. Anything below that is dangerous. The guidelines set forth by your doctor should ensure that you and the baby are getting what you need without you gaining excess weight. Don’t worry about what you already had, you can lose that after you have given birth. It is simply not worth the risk.

Some women naturally lose a bit of weight without going on a diet during pregnancy. Some women are so sick in the early months that they lose weight. They simply can not seem to get enough calories. If you are sick and lose a few pounds, it is not a huge problem, but you should never try to do it on purpose. If you are so sick that the weight is falling off, call your doctor immediately because you may need a medication to help you feel better. Your health and the health of your baby could be in danger if you don’t do something about it.

There may be some rare cases where diet during pregnancy is appropriate, but never do it unless advised by your doctor. Those that are obese may be able to cut some calories if they are always eating too much, but that isn’t really a diet, it is just going with an eating plan that is healthy for mom and baby. Some women lose weight naturally if they are breastfeeding, all without dieting, so keep that in mind when choosing between bottle and breast. You still have to keep your calories up to make sure your milk is all that it should be, but you may easily burn many more calories than you can consume.


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