Do Christian Debt Consolidation Give You Better Options?

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The Christian debt consolidation concept isn’t all that different from the concept followed by a regular service. They follow the principle at the Christian services – that a man cannot possibly adequately serve God while serving another master – a creditor. With this in mind, they help families in debt manage their situations better. They help families obtain reduced interest rates by negotiating with the creditors who hold title to those loans, they educate families on how they can make slightly higher payments to get their loans over and done with in a few years, and they help them round up all their separate loans in one place so that they can settle them with one payment each month.

Are Christian debt consolidation services somehow more honest then the regular services there are everywhere? Do they for instance, offer lower interest rates? You could be forgiven for thinking that a Christian debt consolidation company provides you with more honest services somehow. While this can be true in certain rare instances, most of these businesses only use the Christian label to have unsuspecting believers take what they say at face value. They will do what they can to have their clients believe them, and then do everything in their power to have them sign to the most lopsided agreement there can be.

Organizations like the National Consumer Law Center have been working to expose what some of these Christian debt consolidation services actually do. Some of them are actually nonprofit organizations; as hard as it might be to believe that a nonprofit might be out to beguile clients into signing up for services that would be completely to their detriment, that is exactly what they do. Worse still, many of these nonprofits are affiliated with leaders in the Christian community. They offer their clients scandalously poor advice, unfair advertising and charge them higher fees.

Seen one way, these services are no worse than what one might expect at any other slickly run business. The only difference here though is that they make sure you lower your guard using your religion for it. Clients who sign up for these programs are even reduced to filing for bankruptcy sometimes. As far as obtaining a low rate is concerned, you can often get a good deal with the Christian debt consolidation organization. But there can be many ways in which they can make back what they allow you. You need to keep on high alert for fraud. For the best information on how all of this works, you could try the website of the Consumer Federation of America.


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