Tuesday, December 12

The Amazing World Of 3d Scanners

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3d scanners are being used in various industries for different purposes. The engineering industry was the first to use and develop these devices for various other uses. And industries like movie and entertainment have great scope for pushing the capabilities further. The scanners have been used in video games for many years. They are used for capturing the motion in a realistic manner and playing games in a better way. One of the most common uses of the scanners is to capture motion in sports games.

3d scanners are also very useful in the field of renovation. Many important historical structures in Italy were renovated using these devices. Some of the famous structures like Michelangelo’s statue and the David were renovated using this amazing technology. Another great use of this device is to make a model object to look like real without the help of any comparison.

Different types of these scanners are used. Some use lasers while some use triangulation. Most of these function in the same basic manner by storing points as data sets along the object’s surface. The difference lies in how these points are created.

The use of the 3d scanner makes the images and pictures in your computer look like real. Sometimes you may also have come across images which were poorly dome. This could be because the images were created from scratch and the data used were from real objects in the world. A fine example of using 3d scanners in the best possible manner in the movie, Avatar.

These days a lot of improvements are taking place in the design and function of these scanners. Their prices are however decreasing too. Since this technology is being used in various fields you will see more technological advancements and sophisticated versions in the future. These amazing equipment have been able to come a long way in terms of function and design since their invention. We have to wait to see what will be the next level of innovation.


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