A Handy Checklist For Home Removal

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The day of moving home is often the culmination of careful preparation and planning – certainly if a seamless transition to your new house is your goal. Contracting a specialist removals company to help handle your move is wise, as they will be able to offer the trained staff, vehicles, equipment and storage facilities that you might require.


If your timeline permits, preparations for moving must start at least six weeks before your moving date, especially if you are in a major city, and for removals Melbourne focused, this is particularly so.

Once the choice to move is made:

1. Start a brightly coloured file for all of your relocation papers, and keep it in a handy place for easy reference.

2. Obtain quotations from many professional removal companies, and guarantee that they are all quoting on the same items. Book the one that best suits your needs.

3. You need to check if your home insurance will cover all your items in transit. If not, obtain insurance coverage for moving.

4. Sketch a floor plan of your new home (or use one provided by your real estate agent) and plan the placement of your items.  You could give this to your removalist on moving day.

5. You need to dispose of what isn’t required after sorting through your belongings. Copy your removalist’s inventory list to check goods to be packed and those for sale, charity donation, or disposal.

6. Create a room-by-room packing plan, beginning with the items you know you won’t be requiring till well after you are in your new house.

7. For D-I-Y packing, arrange for the delivery of packing containers such as cartons, wooden crates, book boxes, wine cartons, bubble wrap and fill, tape, labels, and marking pens.

two weeks before moving, you ought to:

8. Check the garden, loft, garage, basement, shed and under the house for items you may have overlooked – like: wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, ladders, heilooms, plants.

9. Get rid of of any remaining unwanted items – trash, donate or sell,

10. Give your freezer a little attention – begin eating your way through it’s contents!

11. Sensibly dispose of garden chemicals, paints, fuel and other flammable goods according to provider instructions.

12. Gas cylinders are usually unable to be transported by your removalist – check. If needed, have a certified gas cylinder test station purge BBQ cylinders.

13. If required, book transportation for your pets or arrange for pet care at least 2 days before the move.

14. Arrange cancellation and reconnection of utilities – electricity, gas, phone

15. If you are doing home removal by yourself, you better begin packing. Label each carton according to the room each goes into and keep a separate list of their contents
16. Inform family, friends and businesses of your new address and arrange mail redirection through Australia Post. Begin a new contacts list for your new location.

17. Have your car serviced

18. Return library books and borrowed items

Day prior:

19. If it is part of your agreement with your removalist, dismantle furniture and put all bolts and screws and other attachments in a small resalable bag and tape it to the base of the item or label and place in a box containing similar parts.

20. Pack a basic kit with toiletries, tea, coffee, milk and other drinks, personal items, first aid kit, spare clothing, tea towels and dish cleaning devices.

21. Gather all house keys.

On moving day:

22. Lead your removalist around the house to show them what you want done, including items you will require when you arrive at the new residence. These items will be packed last.

23. Keep pets and kids out of the mover’s way, if possible in another location.

24. Place self transported items in your car and lock car doors.

25. Check all areas, cupboards, cabinets and storage areas to make sure nothing is left behind.

26. Check and sign inventory.

27. Switch off power to the house.

If you have special requirements or dates for removals Melbourne relocation specialists would be able to advise on the best course of action, mainly if your household is moving overseas.

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