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A Guide To Removalist Packing

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Removalists possess the training and experience for packing properly making them the best people to prepare, wrap and pack your items when you move. You might, however, choose to do your own packing for few of your items, following this Townsville moving specialist advice.

Reason for packing

Packing gives protection for fragile and delicate items while moving. Removalists suggest wrapping and securing each box using the exact same thoroughness and care needed for sending parcels.

Packing enables several articles to be carried together, which makes it easy for Townsville removalists to do their job carefully and efficiently. Boxes that are improperly packed might be difficult to lift or stack properly in the moving van.

Packing tips

1. Start packing weeks in advance, not later than two weeks before the big move. This enables you to complete packing and store delicate items carefully.

2. Prepare packing materials like stout boxes with lids or overlapping flaps, clean wrapping paper, durable adhesive tape, bin liners, labels and markers.

3. Pack items 1 room at a time, labeling boxes with a general description of it’s contents and indicating the room they would go into at your new house.

4. Stack boxes as they are filled to free up space to work on.

5. Use cardboard boxes with a minimum size of 1 cubic meter, taking care not to pack over what one individual can lift. If you are hiring removalists, you can arrange for packing materials to be delivered, as well as special wooden crates and injected polystyrene moulding for delicate items.

6. Close and tape boxes from the top, making sure that these are full, without protruding, to permit stacking. Use wide adhesive packing tape, not masking tape, to seal openings and cover the full-length of the carton’s seams.

7. Use plastic crates that could be stacked.

8. Pack soft items like towels, linens, blankets, and soft toys in strong plastic bin liners which have to be tied at the top.

9. Wrap fragile items to offer a layer of air around it to act as a cushion. Use crumpled paper under the bottom layer and in between layer as well, and marking boxes containing delicate items suitably.

10. Clothes needn’t be packed as these can remain in drawers provided a towel, sheet or similar material is tucked in around the edges.

Removalists still provide the simplest and safest means to pack your belongings and stack them in the moving van. They even provide particular packing solutions which you may need for delicate and valuable items.
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