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Lower Your Insurance Cost Tips – Open Secret That Your Insurance Agent May Not Tell You! – Volume 2

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Uh Oh!  I Just Got a Moving Violation Ticket!!!

The Last Time I Got a Moving Violation Ticket

It was about 3 years ago, I was traveling at I-15 from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City during mid-night.  I still remember that it was a very comfortable ride because that is nobody else on the road besides me.  When I was just leaving the small town called Mona, I got pulled over by the Highway Partrol telling me that I was speeding at 91mph, and that is a very serious violation.

I protested to me that I did not go that fast, and he gave me a ticket for 91mph anyway.

Open Secret That Your Insurance Agent May Not Tell You! – Volume 1

How I Void that Ticket from my Record?

After paying the fine(Oh man, it was $200+) on the internet, their website site told me that I could remove the record of that ticket if I pay $35 more for their online traffic school and it will take me 2 hours to finish that.  For anything I can do that will not increase my insurance cost, I took that online traffic school course immediately.

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So, what Can You Do Next Time if You Got Pull Over by a COP?

In my opinion, first you should not tell him that you are right and he is wrong because he intents to pull you over for writing you a ticket.  What you can really do is making him feel good about his civil duty(?), then he might forgive you this time.  But, you will still need some luck.

How would that Affect You if You Got a Traffic Ticket

Some people thinks it is okay to have a bad record in their file, it is totally not true.  It is not just about increasing the insurance cost.  That may also affect when you are job hunting.  Your bad driving record may keep you away from your desired job. 

So what should you do?  You should need your driving record as clean as possible.

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