How to Study For a Test

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Little at a time

Studying all for it the night before is not the way to go. You should study for it a little at a time and try to nail it. You can’t do it all at one time. You need to study for it a little at a time. Your brain will have an easier time studying and you will be thankful that you don’t have to cram.

Make a schedule

You should have a studying schedule and stick to it since you will study better if you have a time calendar.

Group study

Group study is good since they can help you out if you fall short or don’t understand something.


You should focus on what’s on the test instead of studying for the whole book since they only test you on certain topics. You should take your reviews from your professor seriously since it’s on the test and they know what’s on the test so follow their advice. You should also go their office hours and talk to them about how to nail your test since they know what’s on the test and they can help you. It’s important that your professor knows you since it’s a difference between a d plus and a c. they might give you a C if they know your work.

Memory aids

You will be able to remember things better if you use memory aids like associating things with things that you know already. For example, when you study, you just need to associate it from things that you know already or if it sounds like things that you know or use mnemonics words or group them together and create meanings so they’re easier to remember. For example, you can remember someone name easier if you associate it with something that is special about them like big Albert, or skinny Denese, or Yellow hair tracy. Use association to help you remember for your test and also reasons since you don’t have to remember everything if you reason it out. There is no other answer but the correct rationale for the questions. For example, you wouldn’t ignore a calling patient, you would answers them right away so this would be the correct answer out of all the other ones because it’s a good reason for the question.

Flash cards

You can use flash cards to help you study. Flash cards can help you remember better. It breaks things down little by little to help you learn quicker and easier.


Videos are great since it’s hard to visualize things. It’s easier to look at a surgery video rather than reading the entire chapters about it. Try youtube or ehow or bukisa, they are great resources.

Process of elimination

When you’re unsure, you can use the process of elimination to wipe out the answers that you don’t think is right since you can wipe it out with an educated guess.


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