Thursday, December 14

Maintainance Tips For Your Off Road Vehicle Engine

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Go karts come in many shapes and sizes. Some are simply a metal frame with a small engine that manages to connect to the wheels. There’s even some go karts that run off washing machine engines! However, all go karts have one thing in common. They have a engine. If you don’t already know the engines main purpose is to spin the axle the wheels are attached to it. The ratio of the gears from the engine with create the torque and speed of the kart. Such things as the clutch stop the kart from idling. This is important because when the clutch is engaged the go kart will start to move. Most karts will also being to move if the break is not pressed down just like a car

A important part of a off-road go kart is having a hardy engine that give it the ability to drive up hills. The engines usually big and cumbersome but they get the job done. There are many companies craft these that you have probably heard of. The only down fall is that they are often not marked as go kart engines so you will have to do some searching if you are building your own go kart. To really simplify this just look for horizontal engines as they provide easy access for the axle.

Often, when you are rough with a off-road go kart the parts will become warn and pushed to the edge. It is very important to keep a eye on all the parts before every use. Parts will often come loose or become worn. A good habit to have if you built the kart yourself is keep a list of all the part and where they came from. Often they will have a warranty, saving you some of your hard earned cash…that you can then spend on other go kart parts.

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