Tuesday, December 12

Air Purifiers: The Importance Of Filters

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People who think about buying the air purifier are more concerned about how much money they will have to spend in order to buy one.    However,the cost of the purifier is not the basic factor to think about when you have to buy onesince there areother factors that you have to consider, like the parts that make the air purifier especially the filters.

Not all air purifiers use filters, some use them while others do not. So before asking about the filter the air purifier uses, ask if it does use one first since some are filter-less while others use collection grids in theplace of a filter. The collection grids are usually wiped off while filters have to be replaced so if you want to buy an air purifier which will cost you less in maintenance, you should look for the filter-less ones.

Even if filter-less air purifiersdo not cost too match in maintenance, their buying cost is high. Even if you will save money in the end, you may find it hard to get the money to buy itin the first place.This may force you to buy one that usesfilters. So if you found yourself in this position and having to buy the purifier with a filter, you have to look for onethat usesHEPA filters.

The HEPA filters are known to be the best since they have to abide to certain rules and regulationsthat are imposed bytheDepartment of Energy. Because of these rules,the HEPA filters traps the bacteria and other harmful particles with twice the capacity ofother filters. The air purifier that has HEPA filters costsmore that others, however,it is worth every penny you spend on it.

After checking the filter, you have to know about the number oftimes you will have to change the filters and how much the filters will cost you. Some filters may require tobe replaced each year while others can be replaced once inthree years. You should think also about any other parts that will need a replacement to determine what will it cost you to own an air purifier.

Therefore when you go out to buy air purifier which uses filters, remember that the filters do not only mean cheap filters but you should also take into account the quality of the filters.


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