Techniques You Can Use To Improve IQ

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Whether you are looking for a few IQ points gain or just want a sharper mind, there are many brain training tools you can use to enhance your mental performance. Here are some:

Use The “N Back” Training Technique

This method was invented by academics at the University of Michigan and has been proven through clinical studies to lead to gains in “fluid intelligence”. This is the technical name for IQ. It does this by enhancing on a complementary area called “working memory”, which is the basis for the intelligence quotient you have. By improving your working memory, gains in IQ can be achieved.

The technique is normally played in the format of a software program, and the objective is to select the correct sequence of squares and sounds which appear in a set order. Essentially, it can be seen as a multi-tasking method which develops multiple areas of the brain. You are likely to notice your best improvements in problem solving, logic, listening skills and concentration, to name a few.

Consider Meditation

A great way to improve your mental power is to use meditation. There are over 600 scientific studies which support the benefits of meditation. It helps to make your mind calm and collected on the inside, enhances memory, problem solving skills and creativity. Meditation can also act to improve your bodily function, by reducing stress hormones and allowing positive endorphins to fill the brain.

We would recommend that you try meditating for at least thirty minutes per week. Meditation is not just about sitting in a funny lotus position and chanting mantras. The process is actually much simpler than that. All you have to do is close your eyes and focus on one thing in your awareness. As your thoughts wander from place to place, bring them back to focus. You will realise then that your mind is a raging inferno that needs to be kept under control. Continue to do this for a period of time (ie several weeks) and you will notice that your mind becomes a lot more controlled and silent, creating the basis for your intellectual success.

So, try these two methods and see how you go. If you are interested in this, check out our other brain training tools on our site.


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