Friday, December 15

Spring is The Season For Spiritual Change

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Nature puts on a new and fresh dress of green and revives with the arrival of spring. Fresh leaves sprout assuring hopes of fertility.

For Christians also spring is the season of reconciliation and fresh growth. That is the reason why they have the season of lent in the spring. It is during this season of spring that the Christians come out of their cocoons of spiritual winter and get ready for a fresh growth.

Spring is a season of change

Spring is the season of change. Just as nature puts on a fresh dress with new leaves and fresh grass, Christians put asunder the old dress and put on the garment of reconciliation and repentance. They are called again and again for repentance in the season of Lent which occurs in the spring season.

Lent is the spiritual spring time

Lent is the spiritual spring time and a time of rapid and exciting growth. It is a time when there is a freshness in our souls that is invigorating through listening to the call of God. It is in this spiritual spring season that there is a spiritual fragrance which awakens us to the glory of God, the wonder of his great love and grace, and the absolute outrageousness of his willingness to love and forgive.

Spring a season of personal revival

Lent is the spiritual spring time when we grasp the wonder of both the depths of our own unworthiness and the great heights of God’s grace. In the spring time the soul experiences a new revival. It makes an opportunity for personal conversion.

Spring the right time for revival

The Tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar says in his famous work Thirukkural, “The pendant world’s dominion may be won, in fitting time and place by action done.” This means although a man should meditate the conquest of the world, he may accomplish it if he acts in the right time, and at the right place.

The right time for reconciliation and revival

As Ecclesiastes says, “There is a given time for everything and a time for every happening under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1), spring is the season to look at the changes in nature and our reconciliation with God. Every shooting leaf tells us that God is waiting for to return to him. Every budding tells us the love and mercy of God.

Our life on this earth is a journey towards heaven fighting over the evil spirits of this world. Lent is the right time to fight against the evil and gain victory over it. Lent in the spring is the season that enables us to resurrect with Jesus.


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