How To Handle Hypertension

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Middle-aged men and women often tend to put on a lot of weight as they become more lethargic and do not exercise as regularly. Unlike during the younger days, our bodies may not respond to all the stress and strain. The metabolic system may not be strong enough to handle all the problems caused by us.

Since our metabolism slows down with age and our workload becomes comparatively less burdensome, the extra calories start to accumulate around the waist and thigh areas. But this situation can be avoided if we pay more attention and exercise regularly while maintaining a healthy diet regime. If we neglect our body, there is every possibility that we may develop the dreaded condition known as hypertension or blood pressure.

If blood pressure is not treated with a lot of care, you might become a chronic patient who will have to remain on medication for the rest of your life. There are many people who do not mind taking pills regularly to combat hypertension but for those who do not like taking tablets regularly and looking for a way out of this condition, I have listed a few points to counter this disease.

The first step in the right direction is to bring down your weight to the appropriate level. A dietitian or your GP can explain what this means. Most of your actions should be health based and result in making you healthy. Hence it becomes essential for overweight or fat people to exercise more regularly, and this is the best method of reducing the blood pressure.

If you happen to be a person who does not physically exert yourself, you should try walking. It is a great form of exercise and if you can walk for thirty minutes, twice a day, you will realize and experience the immense pleasure and relief. Apart from helping you lose weight, your blood pressure will be brought down and your internal organs will be nicely massaged. Swimming regularly has similar effects and can be as effective. Reducing salt intake is a very effective method of losing weight.

But salt is essential to human body and hence you may seek the advice of a dietitian in this regard. Regular consumption of excess salt can be altered by using herbs and spices instead. Some other factors that may escalate your blood pressure are smoking and drinking excessively.

You need to give up these potentially dangerous habits in order to bring down your blood pressure. Any or all of the above mentioned points will certainly help you bring down your blood pressure.

But if you are a chronic blood pressure patient or suffering from very high blood pressure, you may need to combine all the above mentioned points after consulting your doctor.

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