Real Beautiful Facts About The Human Body

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A grownup man’s body comprises about 5.1 of blood. A woman’s comprises about 5.13. The blood travels along 1000,000 km of blood vessels. It contains 25,000,000,000 to 30,000,000,000 red cells. The life span of red cells is merely about 120 days, and 1,200,0000 of their special needs are made every second.

Brain major great power

You lose 100,000 brain cells every day! Luckily you have 100 billion entirely. IF the surface area of your brain should be ironed out it would measure 2,090 sq cm.


The ordinary someone inhales 6 L of air per minute, or 8, 6401 a day. You get 13-17 breaths a minute when sitting still and up to 80 during vigorous physical exercise


There are FIFTY trillion cells in your body and 3 billion of them die every minute (4,320,000,000,000 a day). Most of these are replaced. You make 10 billion fresh white blood cells each day. You have a total of 1,000,000,000,000 white cells, which assist fight germs and infections.


There is adequate carbon in your body to fill 900 pencils, adequate fat make 75 candles, enough phosphorus to make 220 match heads and adequate iron to make a 7.5cm nail.


On ordinary you release 21 of gases from your intestines as burps.


Hair grows about 0.5mm a day.


Your heart pumps 13,640 l of blood close to your body in day. An average heartbeat pace 70 beats a minute adds up to more than 100,000 beat a day.


You will create 37,800 l of saliva in your life.


Your body has about 13,000,000,000 nerve cells, transmitting messages at speed of 290 km/h


You drop off about 0.5 l of liquid a day by 3,000,000 Sweat secrets. In humid climates, might drop off 13.5 l a day


You will pass 400 to 2,000 ml of urine every day, depending on your age, your size and outdoor conditions, particularly temperature.


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