Three Bad Habits to Avoid at Work

Just as knowing the dangers present in an office can enhance workplace safety, so too can knowing three bad habits to avoid at work assist in preventing potential disaster. The fact that some colleagues are regarded more highly than others is no secret, and in order to most properly maintain your own sterling office repute, certain behaviors should be avoided at all costs.

Incessant Talking

Nobody likes a chatterbox, and often the person who “can’t shut up” is among the most despised personalities in any workforce. This is one of the three bad habits to avoid at work for obvious reasons: If you never stop talking then people will find you obnoxious, annoying, and a detriment to their workplace enjoyment, thus choosing to try to avoid you, never intentionally interact with you, and definitely not seek you out in teamwork situations or for valuable assistance on important projects.

Bad Hygiene

Smelling bad can be a detriment in many situations, especially sensitive instances like a first date, job interview, or others, but it hygiene should not be taken for granted as part of day-to-day routine through the home and office either. Bad hygiene is among the bad three bad habits to avoid at work because without regular cleanliness and bodily maintenance, the resulting unkempt appearance, offensive odor, and general unpleasant presentation will cause people to regard you with less respect. It is the well-kept, neat, clean people with nice haircuts that get promoted more often, not the filthy foul-smelling slobs that consider showers to be a once-in-a-while occurrence.

Broken Promises

Integrity is a highly sought-after trait, yet many fail to grasp its basic concept. Essentially, integrity just means two things: Acting well even when nobody holds you accountable, and keeping your word. Too many people think that characteristics like honesty and sincerity are archaic, old-fashioned concepts, as though the idea of “keeping your word” is merely some ancient, antiquated phrase that old people throw around. On the contrary: Making bold statements, then adhering to them, is a great way to gain respect in the office. Conversely, one of the bad three bad habits to avoid at work is to say one thing but fail to perform, such as promising to help out with a certain task, finish a project by a particular deadline, or pass along a crucial piece of information.

Beware the bad three bad habits to avoid at work, because you are the only one responsible for your professional behavior. No one else can be blamed for your errant choices in what course of action you pursue; and, ideally, you will choose to engage in workplace activity that enhances, rather than detracts, from your business reputation.

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