Review of Broadway Pizzeria, Las Vegas

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I used to live in Manhattan and often ate the dollar slice at the local pizzeria.  It was delicious and cheap.  I have since tried many “New York style” pizzerias outside of New York and never came away satisfied.  That was until I visited Broadway Pizzeria.

Broadway Pizzeria serves pizza by the slice just like they do in New York City and when I tried it seemed like an exact replica of the pizza that I used to enjoy in New York.  It is thin with just the right sauce and cheese.

But don’t stop with just a slice at Broadway pizza.  They also offer sandwiches, hot wings, and pasta.  My companion ordered the ziti dish.  We didn’t expect it to be so big!  Not only was the ziti big, but it came with a decent salad and garlic knots.  The garlic knots are like little rolls with oil and garlic.  They were delicious but perhaps a little fattening.

The value doesn’t stop with the ziti order.  I ordered a chicken parmigiana sandwich.  The sandwich was great.  I realized that they use the same chicken in the sandwich that they sell as chicken fingers, but I wasn’t disappointed.  The sandwich came with plenty of tomato sauce and a lot of melted cheese.  The bread was crispy but not dry.  It was so good that I went back the next day and had another.  Having a slice and a sandwich, I was glad to know that soft drink refills are free.

Be sure to ask about specials, because Broadway Pizzeria offers daily specials.  You might order and realize that you could’ve gotten a better deal via one of the specials.

Overall, I give Broadway Pizzeria in Las Vegas five stars.  It isn’t gourmet food, but it’s my favorite pizza in New York and I have like everything I have tried on the menu.  Give it a try the next time you are in Las Vegas.


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