Tips For Getting More Followers on Twitter

With human interaction closer and closer to being universally available to every person on the planet at a rapid pace, more personal brands and businesses alike are utilizing tips for getting more followers on twitter. Increasing follower count means increasing visibility, and gaining an audience platform to direct a message, promotion, or entertainment.

Despite all the fancy third-party apps and both paid and free services available, the best tips for getting more followers on twitter are still the simplest, and can begin being implemented even by users only beginning to use the information-sharing service.

Follow First

No matter how fantastic a Twitter feed is, nobody will ever follow the account unless they see it or hear about it first. Perhaps the easiest way to garner recognition is to start following people. Not only do many accounts auto-follow in return, but this is among the best tips for getting more followers on twitter because many people will manually follow back when they see they have a new follower. Twitter does have safeguards in place to prevent abuse, though, including limiting a user to 2,000 follows before they need to gain more of their own followers first.

Quality Content

Even easier than following first is maybe the tactic of being famous, which seems to garner thousands of followers for merely having a widely known name. Fortunately, many popular Twitter feeds have proven that one of the most important tips for getting more followers on twitter is to provide those followers with high-quality content. Just as with any film, opera, drama, concert, novel, painting, or other expression, the audience will generate itself if the quality demands it. If a Twitter feed can display an ability to provide distinctive, clever, useful, impacting, and/or entertaining content, then it stands a better chance at gaining followers sheerly by virtue of its inherent merits, especially if it can find a niche that has not yet been filled by a competing account.

Personal Interaction

One of the more significant tips for getting more followers on twitter is to be sure to interact with them, via “@” messages, direct messages, retweets, and other means. If an account shows the willingness to have conversations with other people, this is definitely seen as more appealing, and can especially be used to a positive extent for business accounts looking to highlight valued customers, vendors, etc., who will likely appreciate the shout-out and possibly put out some free promotion as a result.

Optimal Frequency

If a Twitter user tweets too often, this can be annoying, and seen as flooding the timelines of their followers. Yet, if he or she tweets too infrequently, this can be seen as uninterested detachment. Just as people will stop following a blog if its author no longer updates it, so too will a feed lose followers if its author shows no desire to engage followers. To complicate matters further, optimal tweet frequency may depend on the purpose of the account. Personal feeds may undergo spurts of rapid activity, such as during a conversation or group chat over a hash tag subject. Other accounts intentionally provide daily tweets that match information needs. Some Twitter users have reasons for tweeting dozens of times every day, while some business accounts only tweet to announce a new product, service, website feature, or other announcement, which may be days apart but still valued by followers. Discover the ideal tweet frequency for a Twitter account is crucial, but may require experimentation and research.

Ultimately, the best tips for getting more followers on twitter center on common sense, creativity, and courtesy. Abusive, inflammatory, dull, and single-dimensional accounts probably will not attract much interest no matter how much they try to promote their selves; meanwhile, truly dynamic, interest, amusing accounts may never gain many followers until they begin reaching out a little more. Fortunately, Twitter has proven to be a fairly user-friendly website experience, and as it grows, its staff will only strive even more vigilantly to provide the potential for mass exposure for anyone.

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