Be Careful What You Ask For Billy Ray Cyrus …

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Billy Ray Cyrus just had to have his daughter in the spotlight.  For most people that would be a great thing, considering that his daughter may have made more money than he could ever imagine.  But he has had his regrets.  Now he wants reconciliation, and I think that is a great thing.

Miley Cyrus could have ended up like Lindsey Lohan.  Not that she is without her own problems; her image isn’t what it used to be, fans have moved on to Justin Bieber, and she cannot be tamed.  As easy as it is to throw stones at Billy Ray Cyrus, I don’t know what its like and I can’t necessarily say that I can put myself in his shoes.  A lot of parents encourage their children to stay in the family business, for obvious reasons, and if I am going to take issue with Billy Ray Cyrus I should jump on Will Smith and a few other actors.

The regrets do not surprise me one bit, but the fact that Miley Cyrus doesn’t appear to have much of a future does.  A few years ago she was on top of the world.  These days she seems like a distant memory.  Considering that she had the same opportunity to become the next Britney Spears, in fact, a better platform than what Britney had since she had a hit television show (which is a lot better than being part of a hit variety show or a “club”) I don’t understand why we don’t see more of her now.  Miley wants to grow up, but no one her age wants to hear what she has to say now.  Part of that is because she played to a fan base that is much younger than she is, the other part of it is that those fans are impressionable and could not be expected to remain loyal. 

But that is all in the past.  It is a lot easier to mend a family with billions of dollars than it is to be broke.  On the other hand, Billy Ray Cyrus may have learned a thing or two about fame through Miley Cyrus that he never would have learned alone …


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