Popular Cat Breeds

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Cats have been living with human beings for nearly 10,000 years.  They have been very popular as pets all over the world.  These wonderful companions are easy to own and maintain.  They are cute and adorable.  Spending some time with them every day relieves you of stress.  They also contribute to the household they belong to by hunting down dangerous vermin.  

Popular cat breeds:

There are many breeds of cats to choose from.  There are purebreds and hybrid verities.  Each breed comes with unique characteristic and personality.  Here is a list of the most popular cat breeds:

The Persian Cat:  This is one of the most popular breeds.  Cats belonging to this breed have cute face and long hair, which require regular maintenance.  They come in really attractive color combinations of white, black, gray and orange.  

The Bengal Cat:  These cats look stunning with their wild appearance.  It is a hybrid cat breed which came into existence in the year 1963.  These cats are muscular and strong.  They are active and are always ready to play.

The Siamese Cat:  These slender, stylish and elegant cats are very popular among pet owners.  They have a triangular shaped head with a thin snout.  Their fur is soft, fine and short.  They carry a distinct aura around them.  They are affectionate and intelligent cats.  

The Sphynx Cat:  This cat breed is famous for not having any fur.  They are not exactly hairless.  They have a soft fur.  They have a sturdy and heavy body.  They are affectionate, energetic and intelligent cats.  

The Maine Coon Cat:  These large purebred cats are fun loving and are famous for their loyalty.  They look beautiful with their rectangular shaped body and long flowing coat.  They are generally gentle and intelligent.  

The Ragdoll Cat:  These large and muscular cats look very cute with their soft and silky coat.  They are very affectionate and docile breed of cats.  

The Abyssinian Cat:  It is one of the popular breeds of short haired cats in the US.  They are strong cats with well developed muscles, broad head and long tail.  They are the most active breed of cats.  They would want to be with you in what ever you do.  They tend to become lonely if left alone.  It is better to own a pair.

The Birman Cat:  These cats look very cute with their deep blue eyes and silky fur.  These smart and friendly cats are curious and people oriented.  They generally have an even temperament.

The Exotic Short-hair Cat:  Also called as “Short haired Persians”, they are similar to Persians.  Only difference is in  the hair.  These cats have soft, dense and short haired coat.  They are gentle and calm and are known to be friendly with other pets.

The Siberian Cat:  It is a Russian cat breed and is similar to Maine Coon.  These are powerful cats with strong hindquarters, barrel chest and large well rounded paws.  


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