The Eb5 Investor Visa Program: Are You Eligible For It?

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The EB5InvestorVisa program in the United States of America gives foreign investors the opportunity to obtain their green card when they invest in the country. This is, however, more than just investing money because this program aims to boost the country’s economy and provide more jobs for the American Citizen. The applicant must have a minimum amount of $500,000 USD for investment, and plan on opening a business that is located in a rural area where the unemployment rate is high. As mentioned before, this program is aimed in increasing employment rate and economic growth in the country.

Create a business plan

The first step that you need to take when applying for an Eb-5 Green Cardis to make a feasible business plan. Your proposed business should be able hire at least 10 people for full-time employment, and all plans should be formulated in such a way that they are profitable and sustainable at the same time. A failed business plan will result in rejection of your green card visa application. To make sure that you have a successful and feasible business plan, you can always hire a professional to create a fail-proof business plan. This is most especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with drawing up business plans. An immigration attorney will then determine if the money that you will use can be legally invested.

Try an immigrant investor program

If you don’t want to invest your money in running a business, you can still take part in this Immigrant Investor Visa by donating at least 500,000 USD to a group or business entity that is running an existing project or business. These entities are more popularly known as regional centers, and they are established to provide funds to a targeted rural area that has a high unemployment rate. Your trusted immigration attorney can then help you determine which of the two options is better for you. Afterward, you can start the application process, and submit all the required documents and paper works to the US consulate and other required authorities.

Knowing which forms to fill out

Applying for the Eb-5 Visa Program Program will require you to fill out a variety of forms, so that the US government can verify that the funds you are about to invest were obtained legally. The Form I-526 is a form filled out to provide proof that the business venture you are about to invest in came from legal investment funds. This form will also show that at least ten full-time employment jobs will be created once your business is already established. The I-485 on the other hand, is for adjusting the residency status to conditional residency in the United States while participating in the said program. This form will require you to present a proof that the minimum amount of investment the government is requiring for investment is met. After all the necessary documentation and forms are filled out, an applicant will then receive a conditional green card. After the program has been completed, the form I-829 will remove all the conditions on the green card, which effectively grants the immigrant permanent residency in the country.

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