Serving Old Aged Parents

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Its an ironic that parents who spent their whole prime time and money in building up of their children’s future are thrown away to spent their rest of time when they badly needed to take care of themselves. The questions is:

  • Is this the justice for them?

  • Is this their return for what they spent their prime time for their children?

  • Are we so fast that our parents can’t move with us?

  • Don’t we have some time for them when they need us?

I am in quest that why parents spent their prime life including money and everything in the building up of their children’s future if the result would be old aged homes !!!

It is very much possible that there would be only one survivors in both of them then living alone the rest of life is very terrible. How can a servant / nurse take care of them better than own children !!!

A newspaper in the United States commissioned a reputed Financial Services Institution to assess, in monetary terms, the worth of a mother’s service. For the role she plays as a dietician, caretaker, psychologist and nurse, her monthly worth was calculated to be an astounding $ 42,000.

In this staggering sum, the mother’s love is not included!

Although we know that our old aged parents only need love, respect and care and not money. But we dont have time for their care and love. One should know that this part of life cycle and everybody faces the same.

For me, problem starts from parenting itself. Parents have dual responsibilities in this fast moving world. On the one hand, parents are very much responsible for the better future of their children and for this, they give their children the best education and best atmosphere for their future. But during this period they forget to tell and show the basic teachings of life, and thats the reason, their children failed to show their love with old aged parents. So,

  1. Parents must have to show love and respect with their own parents in front of their children. So children learn and apply the same principle.

  2. Parents must teach their children how to live with parents with love and care.

I know its tough but mother has more responsibility in bringing up of their children and for this, woman should have to give more time in house rather in office or with friends.

The question is how one can serve their old aged parents? For this, we must keep in mind that at one day we will be on the same age. So we should:

  • Spend at least an hour daily with father and mother as parents need to spend sometime with their children to share their old memories.

  • Be grateful. Showing gratitude to your parents for everything they have done to you in the past as well as in the present brings happiness to them. Even if their upbringing is less than perfect, you still owe your life to them. Acknowledge your parents’ contribution to your growth as a person and don’t forget to thank them every moment.

  • We must know old aged parents daily needs, their medications and their problems, and serve them and solve their problems must be our priorities as they did the same when we even don’t know how to eat and drink.

  • Celebrate their important days like birthdays and other anniversaries.

  • Keep them involved. Invite your parents to parties, birthday celebrations, holiday events, and other family activities you will hold. It makes them happy to still be part of the fun even if they are old. 

  • Take inputs in our all important decisions of life as no other than them can better love and want wellbeing of their children. 

  • Keep in touch with your parents and update them what’s going on in your life. Give them a call and ask how they are especially if you don’t see them everyday or you live far from them. Send them photos of yourself and your family. Likewise, give them updates how you’ve been doing and the activities you are involved in. Make the news positive and uplifting for your parents. Just letting them know how you are brings happiness to them.

Taking care of your parents will make you feel good and if you have children, it will be a good example for them. Who knows, one day they just might have to take care of you.


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