Horses- Bahaviour

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Horses have excellent memories. When training your pet horse you must have a system of training that follows a logical sequence. Having the proper sequence can prevent many problems at a later date.

If a problem occurs, Its always possible to revert back to an earlier lesson and progress from that point over again. It seems like a lot of hard work, however this method can prove much more successful and effective.

It’s very Important to Introduce a young horse to as many things as possible. This helps them to become familiar and not shy away when It’s exposed to more of the world. There are a variety of training tools that can be used such as horse training balls, ropes, flags and poles. Using a variety of colours I find can be effective. It Is strongly debated whether horses can actually see colours. From my experience I think that In some way they do. I’ve found that they can tell the difference with different shades.


When problems occur the trainer/owner must remember to stay calm and try not to frighten the young horse more. Being patient and sympathetic Is the key to getting the best out of your horse. Mistakes will innevitably be made, but provided they`re not too serious, your horse will bounce back with the right training. It Is said that we all learn from our mistakes and I believe this Is true of horses aswell. Take your time and handle your horse with care. Look for the horses natural reaction In the wild and you will soon understand the reason behind Its behaviour.

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